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May Wellness – Dominate Your Goals

5 tips to help you DOMINATE your goals this Summer

By Lala Santolla

Lala Santolla is a Bay Area Native and the Co-Founder of 420 FITNESS, NPC Bikini Athlete, & Reiki Master. She is also a certified Life Coach through Stanford University’s Mindfulness course called, Creative Insight Journey.

As summer quickly approaches, it is easy to get caught up in the events of the season and leave our yearly NYE resolutions by the wayside.  With so many Weddings, Birthdays, and of course those weekend trips and get-a-ways, it is easy to get off track and wake up one day during the holiday season wondering, “What happened to my year??”

Take power and intention back in your life and don’t let 2017 get away from you!

 Use these “quarterly” tips to check in with yourself, and your GOALS so you can make the MOST of your year.

I urge you to continue to use these tools a few times a year, to keep yourself focused and on track to living a life full of purpose, integrity, and abundance.

A GREAT life doesn’t just happen. It’s a constant check and balance system of yourself that YOU control. In the Creative Insight Journey, we teach our students tools to help them keep their brains sharp and on point. Or what I like to call, “The Brain Gym.” This helps to keep our mind clear and focused.

It’s up to us to keep training your MIND to keep you focused and on track and not allow society to have its way with your mental chatter.


1) Goal Review   

Is this goal for you? Did it change, or how you perceive it change?? Do you still attach the same values to it as you once did? Sometimes as we grow, we also grow out of our goals. Things that seemed important no longer resonate with us in the same ways. Sometimes, we look at the loss of desire as a “failed goal.” It can also be chalked up to ourselves evolving spiritually, and what success or accomplishment means to us. Don’t be scared to leave a goal simply because you identified with it for so long. Remember you are MORE than your identity, your industry, or whatever else defines you.



Take OWNERSHIP, or as we call it in my household.  ‘Keeping it REAL with yourself.’

“Excuses don’t build the life of our dreams, hard work and consistency do.”

It’s easy for us to believe our B.S. on why or how something didn’t get done. We create stories in our head like, “Things came up that day I couldn’t control.” Or, do we keep it real and say, “ Yep, the laundry didn’t get done, but I also was on a rabbit hole of social media for hours on end today.”

The more we take ownership of our behavior the less it can control us, and the easier we can change it.

If this resonates with you, there is a book called “Extreme Ownership” by Jocko Willink, a retired Navy Seal, who now helps businesses and corporate executives run their business with more efficiently. He is a rough and tough guy, but I am starting to think we all need a bit more Jocko Willis’s philosophy in our life.


3)Get Clear  

Get CLEAR on who or what other outside influences are getting in your way. Or better yet, that YOU are not getting in your way?  

Obligations will always come up that eat away at your time. Get used to and comfortable saying NO to things. Start setting boundaries with others and allow yourself some space. This includes your family. So often our precious “Me Time” gets quickly eaten away when self-care should be the TOP of our list. Taking control of your priorities and time is going to be number one foundational tool for anyone who is lead by their goals. No one will care about your goals or the completion of your goals like yourself. Guard that; take ownership and pride in that. Take pride in the action steps, Take Pride in the sacrifices you are making. If you’re missing a party to hit a late night gym or work sesh, use that as fuel to work even harder AND quicker. Bottom line; don’t just be excited to talk about your goals. Take PRIDE in the actual EXECUTION of your goals.


4)Time Management

As mentioned above that social media rabbit hole is something we all have fallen victim to. Set a time limit for social media with a timer on your phone, and when it rings, then it’s off to work, the gym, etc.

Using the timer on your phone can help to keep you focused and on track with your tasks at hand. Try giving yourself 30 minutes at a time to work on various tasks. Need more time? Just reset the timer. This system slowly gets you aware of time if you are someone like me who can tend to get sidetracked. Or jump right into other apps like Atracker or Now Then Pro, that will help you start to manage and track your time. Your time is your most valuable asset; imagine what it would look like if you can start using it to your advantage.


5)System Reset

Where exactly are you NOW from where you thought you would be by this time? Are you on track? Or could you be implementing a different system or strategy to achieve your goals? By looking at what is working and not working, you allow yourself to be self-aware of your business and personal patterns giving you the chance to correct them to be your best self while working toward your goals. Allowing yourself to be open to new perspectives that can help you evolve and adapt into being even more productive with your goals and in your life.

So remember to be open, curious, and passionate about your goals. Enjoy the journey, and try to integrate some of the previously mentioned tools into your life and watch power, intention, and tenacity start to unfold in your life.



Visit 420 Fitness. Lala Santolla is a Bay Area Native and the Co-Founder of 420 FITNESS, NPC Bikini Athlete, & Reiki Master. She is also a certified Life Coach through Stanford University’s Mindfulness course called, Creative Insight Journey. Find 420 Fitness on instgram @420FITNESS_


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