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October Wellness – Ganja Yoga


Fun Fall Rituals

Although we in California are blessed with daily sunshine and warmer days in the autumn months, we’re still impacted by seasonal changes. Mammals that we are, our metabolisms slow down and our energy levels just aren’t the same as when the days were longer.

Celebrate the passing of time by noticing the seasons as they change, starting with this one. Have you noticed the leaves changing colors on the trees overhead? Is it time to take out your cozier pair of slippers? Or perhaps it’s all about the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Everyone has their own favorite way of celebrating fall, and anything can be a ritual if you do the action mindfully.

Mindfulness is what conscious cannabis is all about: Slowing down, savoring the smell and taste of the Hot Apple Cider, taking a pause from the constant rat-race to enjoy a natural relaxation and healing boost. It’s being present, instead of the mind and its thoughts about the past or the future.

If you sip your Inspire vape pen while watching TV, barely noticing the flavor or experience, then there is no mindfulness and the opportunity for ritual is lost. If you pause, inhale the fragrant vapor, then sip the pen slowly, rolling it around in your mouth to notice the sweetness and spiciness of the blend, then you are being mindful.

This way, your Latte, Cider or Inspire vape pen becomes a way of celebrating fall’s abundant harvest and a tasty way of offering yourself something that makes you feel good.


It’s all about mindset. In yoga, it isn’t what you do, in terms of the poses, it’s how you do it that matters.

Whether your ritual this season is having a roaring fire with friends, making a special hot chocolate, buying yourself a comfy set of pajamas, or trying an autumnal recipe with seasonal root veggies, do it with full presence: Think of all that there is to be grateful for, this time of year and all the time.

Yours in health and seasonal abundance,
Dee Dussault & the Alchemy team


Dee teaches Ganja Yoga in San Francisco twice a week. Her book on the topic will be out with Harper Collins in April. www.deedussault.com

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